WAJIS KITCHEN, named after the founder is a catering service serving a huge Nigerian clientele in the heart of Downtown Toronto, Canada. With our main branch in Toronto, Wajis Kitchen aims to bring a taste of Nigeria in Toronto and expand its customer base to other parts of Canada.

We offer a huge blend of authentic Nigerian cuisine mixed with a flair of intercontinental dishes at very attractive prices. With our mouth watering and finger-licking dishes, you are bound to indulge.

At Wajis Kitchen, customer is king. Our outstanding customer service is second to none as you are treated as royalty from the moment you get in touch with us to the time your food is served to you. We pay great attention to detail as we ensure that all our meals are prepared from the scratch and customized to suit individual tastes. Cleanliness is key at Wajis kitchen as our meals are cooked in sparkling clean environments and meals are exquisitely garnished to appeal to your senses.

Our aim at Wajis kitchen is to quench your hunger, satisfy your cravings and meet all your daily food requirements. At Wajis, we don’t just serve food, we think food!